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Refresh or Start from new

       Home styling services

Not sure about your style? Let's figure it out!  Whether you are wanting to refresh your space, completely re-do it or anything in-between; I can help you decide on which path to take, while being conscious of your budget and time.

I will gather detailed information from you regarding what you do and do not like, go over what you'd like to accomplish with the space and help you create something that you'll fall in love with every time you walk into the room. 

Room Re-design: 

It can be exciting and practical for many to completely re-do a room, 

Out with the old and in with the new. Among the benefits that can come from starting over is it can be cathartic! It can signify the end of a long road and the beginning of a new journey. It can be refreshing, liberating.. all on the "ing's".. however; purchasing all new items is not always necessary. Add a few items, keep a few and use in either a different way, or modify it to suit your current needs.

If you are looking for a room re-design, I will help you select furniture, paint color and decor based on your tastes and budget.  When we have all of the pieces to make your home exactly as you dreamed it could be, I will put it all together for you. 

Room Re-fresh: 

When you decide it is time to refresh your space, keep one key thing in mind- It is not always about getting all new things. Usually it's about using what you already have, but rearranging it or re-purposing it in a manner that better suits your current tastes and needs. 

When updating your space, consider  refurbishing/re-purposing your old items before committing to purchasing brand new! Not only is updating your old items a great way to maximize your budget, but also affords you a quicker turn around time to project completion with out having to deal with delivery or installation. 

Specializing in completing this transformation in one day! 

Home styling services: 

$225 (3 hours)

$65/additional hour

I will work within your stated budget.  You will receive a product sheet of items for approval.  The products will be brought/shipped  to you for your convenience, and we will decide on a day to install these harmonious changes!

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