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Hello! My name is Angelique. I founded this business with the aspiration to use my gifts in a manner that I never thought I’d use them. If you told me a decade ago that I’d start a professional organizing and home styling business, I’d never have believed you. While I’d always had an affinity for those things, that was not what I felt called to do. It was a hobby of mine that I utilized to decompress from my work life.  


My background is in law enforcement and working within the criminal justice system. I love getting to help others- even when it meant doing some really challenging things and wading through heavy stuff. My goal has always been to be there for others on their worst day. It has been my job, and  honor,  to make that really bad day not so bad. 


In addition to my working life, I am an avid mixed martial artist, former power lifter and current cat mom.  For the past near decade I taught women’s self defense seminars. This is a huge passion of mine! 


This year has brought forth a lot of change in the world, my life and my health, simply put. While I will always be passionate about helping others, this just looks a little different now that I  am pursuing my other interests full-time. 


I owe credit for starting this business to many people who have nudged me along the way to consider the possibility of doing this for a living. Without those nudges, who knows where I’d be. 

When I say finding  harmony in the dissonance is my calling, I mean that with every ounce of my being. This journey is now about me doing that for myself in addition to all those that I will help along the way. 

I have experienced first hand how your space can impact every aspect of your life- from how well you rest to how productive you are (and everything in between). It is my mission to help you find what brings you comfort and peace in your own space  so that you can focus on all of the other important things in your life. 


I very much look forward to sharing your home journey with you!


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