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Do any of these "home office" situations look like yours?

Image by Thought Catalog
Image by Samuel Berner
RPA old workspace.jpg

I have made my bed, floor and cluttered basement a workspace over the past year. None of these spaces have been conducive to comfort, productivity or spine health! I have tried tricks like draping a blanket over the pile of  "stuff" we didn't have the time or energy to deal with in order to block out the clutter. I have put a wax melt on my desk to make the space smell nice. I have even placed a fluffy cat bed with lots of treats on hand to try to bribe my cat to hang out with me while I worked- she didn't buy it, and the workspace was still pretty miserable.


I would love to help you find that nook or cranny to make your own. Perhaps it  will be in a quiet corner of your home, a cluttered basement that you "don't want to deal with" , or any other space in your home that you never could have imagined becoming a workspace- Let me help  you find and create  that workspace for you and your family so you can focus on getting back to your regularly schedule life. 

Home office converts starting at $200/space

Image by Simon Rae
Image by Gabriel Beaudry
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