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         Home Staging Services



Your home is a large investment and

you deserve to get the best possible price

when selling it. 

A buyer will decide within moments of

entering a home  at if they're interested 

in purchasing it. My goal is to help you 

get your home picture and tour ready. 

Preparing your home for sale is a little bit 

different than decorating it for your comfort

and taste. It is all about marketing it in a way

that showcases its  best features- when you 

check all the right boxes you can dramatically

increase your chances at a swift and profitable


During this process only high-return

improvements will be suggested.

The best features will be highlighted and 

the less favorable will be downplayed.

You will be coached on what to display

and what would be best to pack. If

necessary, paint color, flooring/carpeting, curb appeal and other maintenance recommendations 

will be made. 


It is my goal to ease your transition from

selling to settling into your new home

as effortless as possible. 

Home Staging services:

$225 for recommendations and written report

-Once its all complete, I offer a complimentary video walk through prior to public viewing

Personal Staging Service: 

I'll come to your home and prepare it for you utilizing the furniture and decor that you have, ensuring that your all of your homes best parts are highlighted. This service will also include a list of  what would be best to pack and if necessary paint color, flooring/carpeting, curb appeal and other maintenance recommendations. This list will be provided prior to the hands on service. 

$250/3 hour session-

$75/each additional hour

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