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(Organizational Services) 

This is a no judgement zone!!! Remember, life happens! If it didn't, you probably would not be seeking me out for help.  The point of this service is to create more harmony in your life. 

note* these services are offered for both currently lived in homes and as moving services (packing or move in) See packages below. 

After initial consultation, the real work begins!

Ideally, we'd work together to determine what categories to place your items in. A true organizational transformation would include a very important step- purging. In order to make this step a reality, we would determine which items are essential and why they're useful in your life. The rest that you decide to part with will be sorted into sub categories to determine where they go (ex. donate). 

If your time is scarce and you're looking to have someone organize your space without you, that is okay too! My job is to make your life easier and flow better. We will discuss your goals, needs and preferences- I will take care of the rest for you. 

You will be sent a product list with prices for approval (we will also work with what you already have) I will bring the organizational products with me on the day we decide to harmonize your home! 

Organizational services:

$200/3 hour package session

$80/hour A La Carte session 

Move in/out services: 

First package purchase special! (moving is a stressful time in your life- so let's give you a little deal to help ease the burden)

*first 3 hour package $175

proceeding A la Carte and package rates same as organizational services.

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